sticKUHlinchen: Stroller muff as a New Year project

sticKUHlinchen: Stroller muff as a New Year project

Simple basic sewing pattern baby wrap jacket – Ottobre Kids Fashion 5/2006 – Sew baby things Instructions & sewing patterns on

In this little sewing instruction I will show you how you can easily sew a pacifier strap for babies yourself. And as a small bonus, there is also the instructions for a Schnuffeltuch.

Knitted cardigan for children – knitting instructions via

Summer hat by Schnabelina … with link to the instructions | made by heart biscuit

CHEVRON PATTERN CROCHET / Crochet Baby Blanket / Easy – YouTube

Dress in size 110, pockets are slightly modified …. Cut from the magazine Otobre The denim is from an old pair of jeans …….

Instructions: Sew convertible backpack bag with cork fabric buttinette blog

Finally I knitted the "PASSION FLOWER" and I really like it. The yarn is not evenly mottled, but …

Number of stitches divisible by 8. So I calculated 80 stitches + 2 edge stitches = 82 stitches based on my stitch sample. Important: The edge stitch is always knitted. In the back row as a right stitch and in the back row as a left stitch. This creates a seam edge – the seam is flat and almost invisible on the right side. Instructions: Cast on 82 stitches with 2.5 mm needles and baby cotton in navy and in a waistband pattern – 1 stitch on the right, 1 stitch on the left alternately – 1.5 cm


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