Knit colorful rib hat

Knitting pattern: Knit a colorful rib hat

crocheted guest towels

DIY pacifier strap – a last minute gift for babies – # 1st trimester pregnancy #babies #DIY #a # for

Knit Catania Triangular Scarf Instructions

Lierys Jil Loop scarf Round scarf Winter scarf Knitted scarf Women's scarf Men's scarf – Lierys Jil Loop scarf, round scarf, winter scarf, knitted scarf, women's scarf… – New idea – #Ladies scarf #Men's scarf #Jil #lierys

Shirt, Amy Vermont Amy VermontAmy Vermont

For the little ones (size 44) up to school age (size 128) you can use this free pattern from JoMina. Leni's dress is a simple pinafore dress, but the division into two leaves plenty of scope for sweet fabric combinations. You can also use both cotton and jersey for the dress. The variant with the bags is also practical and suitable for everyday use.

You sew a bag and have a belt bag – handlebar bag – handbag and shopping bag at the same time!

Sewing instructions: How to sew a simple pair of trousers with an elastic waistband

Make a respirator yourself, cheap and fast – YouTube


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