Crochet chickens // for wool scraps // Easter decorations

Crochet pattern – chickens "Berta and Gundel" – Easter decoration / key chain / bag dangler

Pretty cape

Crochet Easter baskets in just a few minutes. Step by step instructions from DIY owl

Dreieckstuch Sommerbrise – Free pattern – Gluten-free recipes & creative ideas

Do you want to knit a cozy companion for your children? With these instructions, the gray pachyderm with a high cuteness factor is guaranteed to succeed.

General knitting »sock knitting instructions

Crochet patterns for angels, snowmen and Santa Claus Discover ten great Christmas crochet patterns The MyBatzi crochet darlings |

INSTRUCTIONS: CROCHET BUNNY EGG WARMER The egg warmer itself is only crocheted from single crochet (FM). You start with a magic ring and crochet 6 FM into it. In the first round you double every stitch, in the second every second and in the third every third stitch. Each round you close with a Kettmadche (KM) and go into the next row with an air stitch (LM). From the fourth round on, you no longer need to increase stitches. You then crochet nine rounds, making all the stitches

Knitted patchwork blanket without sewing More

Crochet Instructions: Crochet simple pot holders for beginners with half a stick – with video instructions # crochet # pot holders #diy


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