Baby shoes “Oscar” – knitting ideas

Designer: THE perfect baby shoe guide that really always works and sits well on baby's feet. I found this manual on the Internet in a forum. There it was someone …

Photo for sewing pattern softshell jacket Neptune by heidimade

Link parade for my favorite freebooks for babies.

Penye İpten Çanta Modelleri – Örgü Modelleri – Tığ İşi # Çanta # İpten # İşi #MODELLERI # Örgü

Free pattern including sewing pattern / Freebook: Baby clothes – sew baby pants to grow with / DIY / Gr. 50 / 56-62 / 68-74 / 80-86 / 92 / step-by-step instructions

In this free tutorial, Talu reveals how to knit baby pants. The instructions with the size chart show each step in detail on pictures and is therefore ideal for beginners.

Striped knit dress

Blanket "blocks" Instructions baby blanket German


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